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Advanced Set + video course

Production time: 5-7 days

Kit price: $2304.00
In the set:
Video course price:$66.00
Video course price:$48.00
Video course price:$60.00

Who is this set for?
  • This set allows you to make a good soap bubble show. It is designed for those who have serious intentions for the soap bubble show, for long time. It is suitable for both artists who are already working in this sphere, but want to update the requisite, and for beginners who want to have a high-quality set, with the ability to expand it.

    The set is suitable for diverse professional performances.

    This set allows you to do the full soap bubble show. It is designed for those who practice bubbles for the "long haul." It is suitable for the artists working in the genre but wanting to improve the props. It's also great for the ones who want to have everything at once.

What can you do with the set?
  • 1
    The set includes a variety of rackets of different diameters and shapes. There are rackets for small, medium and large bubbles, as well as for creating trails and rain with large bubbles. There are also 3 types of outside requisite that can be used indoors.
  • 2
    The transformer table is a convenient requisite for placing containers with soap solution and accessories for the show. It is equipped with several tiers, which allows you to place more requisite on its surface. There is a container with a diameter of 34 cm placed on the table, in which you can dip rackets with a diameter of up to 30 cm. All the rackets of larger diameter should be dipped in a floor bowl. The set includes three containers: a plate with a diameter of 33 cm and two cans with a volume of 2.5 l., the diameter of the cans is 105 mm and the depth of 24 cm. It takes 60 seconds to assemble the table. The height of the table is adjustable.
  • 3
    To work with rackets of more than 30 cm in diameter, the set includes a 70 cm bowl on wheels. It is easy to move it on the stage. The bowl is equipped with a spout for draining soap solution.
  • 4
    Smoke bubbles
    Smoke is the best addition to soap bubbles. Bubbles filled with smoke are favorites of adults and children. If you use smoke in the manual block of tricks, the racket block and the light table block - it adds the variety of tricks of the program and gives more abilities for showing artist's creativity. The smoke machine is charged from the mains and refueled with simple glycerine. You can not be afraid of falls of the smoke machine or contact with liquid.
  • 5
    The light table fills the room with magic and beauty. It shines statically, which allows not to distract the viewer's attention from the soap film. Each LED gives a different highlight on the bubble. Smoke bubbles look especially good because the smoke takes on a rich color. The light zones intersect, and if you move the smoky dome along the plane of the table, you can achieve a color change. It looks very impressive.
  • 6
    "Man inside the bubble" set
    This set includes a kit for putting a person inside a bubble with a diameter of 95 cm. It's equipped with a spout for draining soap solution and wheels for easy movement on the stage. Two adults or 3-4 children can be easily fit into the tray of such size
  • 7
    This set includes three mats. The mats don't get wet, they are light in weight and dry quickly.
  • 8
    For easy transportation and storage, the set includes covers for the table, "Man inside the bubble" and mats.
  • 9
    Fire and foam
    The set includes a fire-foam tube. Our tube allows you to do tricks with fire and design anything using foam. The use of this requisite adds variety to the trick structure of the performance.
  • 10
    The set also includes a classic concentrate for making 35 liters of ready-made soap solution.

  • Hand bubble tricks
    Performing hand bubble tricks is always fascinating. Bubbles appear out of nowhere. Tricks and bundles seem like the work of an illusionist.

    In this video course there are bubble show elements and tricks performed with hands, ropes and tubes. There are tricks without rackets. Smoke is used in many elements. This block also contains elements with fire.
  • Working with rackets and giant bubbles
    Working with rackets is the basic skill of any bubble show performer. This is the most extensive video tutorial. You can create a full-fledged program based on it. Giant bubbles always fascinate and amaze with its unreality.

    You will find tricks with rackets of various diameters and configurations in this video course. Many tricks require a smoke generator and an equipment for fire bubbles. You can also see how to work with giant bubbles, street props and various tricks of people inside the bubble in this course.
  • Working with the light table
    The magic of light and smoke immerses the audience in a fairy tale. The special iridescence of the domes, their configurations and transformations amaze and create an atmosphere of magic. Soaring white clouds of bubbles filled with steam are favorites of viewers of all ages.
    This video course includes elements of a bubble show performed on a light table using tubes, fire, smoke and foam. Also, part of the video tutorial is devoted to working with a steam generator. A person in a soap bubble is also presented in this section.