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Спешите сделать выгодные покупки
Do you want to discuss and work out a few specific issues?
Then a personal consultation will suit you.

Location or platform:
Moscow or Zoom
Duration of the meeting:
6 hours offline
or 3 meeting for 2 hours online

Number of students:
1 person
What waits for you:
Live communication
Individual plan
Answers to your questions
The questions that we can discuss:
  • Working out the initial experience of working with bubbles. Hands, rackets, giant bubbles.
  • Working on a vertical frame.
  • Working on a glowing table.
  • Choosing tricks for the performance.
  • Making a "skeleton" for your performance. I will provide a help in selection of music, themes and tricks.
  • Practicing those tricks that you can't perform well. We will choose what interests you and will work it out.
  • Polishing of the finished performance. You will show your blank performance and we will get it into shape together.
  • Theoretical training: portfolio, promotion, work with an assistant and etc.
Practical examples
A personal consultation was effective to one of my students who studied 3 years ago. At that time we didn't work with a vertical frame, steam generators and also didn't discuss a part of tricks on the glowing table. The student sent me a full recording of her performance. She asked me to train her personally. But we've decided that 1 day consultation would be enough.

- We've refined the missing skills.
- I told her the new information about making a performance.
- We touched on the topic of updating her music tracks.
- The student was refreshed, inspired and three weeks later she came out to the audience with a new program.
One more example
The girl was invited to the tour in Indonesia. She had to work on a big stage as a part of theatrical program for three performances per day. It was necessary to assemble a spectacular soap bubble show for 7 minutes. Before that, she had only worked on children's celebrations.
During a personal consultation, we:

    You may need a personal consultation if:
    • You have experience in soap bubble shows.
      And you want to add something new, update your program or create a new one.
    • You want to include tricks with the new props
      You need to learn how to work on a glowing table, vertical frame or with any other props.
    • You haven't worked for a long time
      I also recommend you to visit a personal consultation if you have already studied with me and haven't worked for a long time to refresh your skills and theoretical infomation.
    • You plan to perform new program with new props
      I will give you detailed advice on setting up a program and adding new blocks to it: with a glowing table, with a smoke generator, with a vertical frame.
    • You want to move to the next level of work
      For instance, you want to start working in front of adult audience after performing at children's celebrations. Or maybe you want to move from the performances in apartments to cafes and restaurants.
    • You plan to go to a large stage
      In this case, we provide help of choosing the tricks, equipment, stage image.
    • In order to achieve the maximum result from the meeting, it's necessary to discuss in advance all the questions that we should be focused on. After discussing it, I will understand whether there will be enough time for us to study your question in details.
    • Places are reserved upon prepayments. Prepayment is non-refundable. You can pospone the date of meeting after reaching an agreement with Lyudmila.

    • In my blog there is a memo for those who come to Moscow to study. Be sure to read it if you go there from another city.