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Redesigned Work Desk


This desk is bifunctional:

  • Desk for props, tubes, wands and other accessories.
  • Upper tray (bowl for wand dipping)

This desk differs from a regular one in enhanced strength, lack of glued parts, increased mobility and rapid draining. The worktop is made by molding without using adhesives or welding. The legs are screwed in. The worktop is not painted.
Dimensions and Equipment
Worktop size is 65 by 80 centimeters; the diameter of the built-in tray is 54 centimeters. The tray is equipped with a drain valve with a hose. The table has removable legs, a decorative curtain holder, seven hooks for convenient wands placement, two removable cradles for tubes, two niches for a smoke machine and burning bubbles props. Thanks to the wheels, the desk rolls out easily on stage.
What is it for?
This piece of equipment is suitable for everybody. The desk is very mobile and easy to use. All wands are always in place, the detergent is not spilled and you don't have to drain it during the act, just roll it aside and do it. The tray can hold about 5 liters of bubble juice, which is enough for high-quality wand dipping.
Where can I use it?
The desk can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is very convenient that the detergent can be drained from the tray almost immediately! I recommend using a case for transportation of this equipment.
The desk is only made in black. The size is not subject to alteration. However, the desk's height can be changed by customer's request.

3D view of goods
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7600 g
Table top size
65х80 cm
Deep plate diameter
54 cm
Plastic, steel
Only black
79 cm