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I have been doing soap bubble shows for 10 years now. I have been accumulating the experience and expanding the technical base of my tricks. I have been improving my methods of teaching people how to perform bubble shows.

It has been 7 years since we published our first video course. We have already reshot it 5 times. 3-4 months after the publications, I always had a lot of new tricks and modifications. I was worried and upset, because the course had already been shot and I couldn't add new things to it.

Now we have decided to change the format.
Lyudmila Darina
The base of tricks is the list of tricks and ideas that we constantly update. It always contains up-to-date developments from the bubble show world. This base will be useful not only for the beginners, but also for the experienced ones.
The base of trick is a well-structured information
You can find a lot on the internet. But we all know that the quality of this information is not good enough and it's hardly can be used for training. You can watch a lot of bubble show videos, but still don't understand how to perform it, why it doesn't always work out, and where you can use this or that trick. The main problem is that the information is not structured. And every bubble show artist knows about it. The base of tricks contains everything that you need in one place. It speeds up the work by 10-20 times.
The base of tricks helps to make the program of your bubble show
While making the "skeleton" of the bubble show, we usually choose the tricks that obviously suit the program. But often there is a lack of the lists or the visual aids that can help you to make the bubble show or the bunch of tricks. The base helps to keep the entire arsenal of the tricks in one place.
Using it, you will be able to make a plan for your rehearsals
We train the same things from one rehearsal to another. It loops you. I divide all of my rehearsals into two types: practicing the show itself or practicing techniques. The base helps to train different techniques and don't stand still.
You will definitely not forget any of your tricks, because the hint is always nearby
Once again, it's impossible to keep in mind all of the things that you can do with bubbles. You always lose sight of something. The base solves this problem.
If you have forgotten the technique of performing the trick, you can watch the video where it's shown in details
Sometimes it happens that everything worked out during the training. And you have even used this trick several times in your bubble shows, and then you have forgotten how you performed this or that trick. The base is not just a list! It's the fully-fledged training information that will allow you to recall or to study the technique of performing a trick.
Will you add new tricks to the base?
We will regularly upload new tricks to the base. You can always use the most up-to-date list of tricks. It will diversify you show and will help you to develop in performing the technique of a trick.
Can the base replace live training?
Of course, the base can't replace live training, but I tried to cover each trick in details.

It's always easier for the beginners to study with me live, because every technical error is clearly visible and we can quickly fix it. Experienced bubble show artists also understand the technique better while studying live.

But with a certain perseverance you will be able to learn the bubble show techniques, using only the base of tricks. Many artists of our genre are self-taught and they learned how to perform bubble shows from the videos of other artists.
The base of tricks consists of 5 blocks:
The base of tricks serves as the training list or the reminder and the practical base for the artist of any level.
The block contains 30 tricks
Block of soap bubble tricks using only the hands
Making tricks without any equipment is always fascinating. The bubbles appear out of nowhere. The bunches of tricks look like the work of an illusionist.

In this block there are the bubble show tricks that can be performed using hands, tubes and ropes. Without using the rackets. Many tricks include using the smoke. This blocks also includes the tricks with fire.

The block contains 58 tricks
Block of bubble tricks using rackets and giant bubble tricks
Working with rackets is the basic skill of any bubble show artist. This block is the most voluminous. You can create a full-fledged program based on it. And giant bubbles always fascinate and amaze viewers with its unreality.

You will find the tricks with using the rackets of various diameters and configurations in this block. To perform many of this tricks, you need the equipment for fire bubbles and the smoke generator. You can also find tricks of working with giant bubbles, street props and various tricks of putting person into the soap bubble in this block.

The block contains 30 tricks
Block of working with the light table
The magic of light and smoke immerses the viewers in a fairy tale. The special play of colors of the domes, their configurations and transformations surprise and create the atmosphere of magic. Floating white clouds of steam bubbles are the favorites of any age viewers.

This block also contains the bubble show tricks performed on the light table, using tubes, fire, smoke and froth. The part of this block also tells about the work with the steam generator.

The block contains 20 tricks
Block of working with the vertical frame
A game of flecks. The magic of rainbow stains. Compactness and style. Originality. Probably, these are exact words that can characterize the work with the vertical frame.

This block includes tricks of working with the soap film on the plane. You will definitely need the vertical frame itself, the tubes of different diametes, the smoke generator and a fire tube to work with this block.

The block contains 10 tricks
Block of working with helium
Helium is and amazing tool to work with bubbles. No gravity at all! The bubbles fly up and make not only the viewers surprised and fascinated, but often the artist himself.

You can use helium while working with the light table, glasses, rackets or simply working with any plane. To fill the bubbles with helium, you can use a balloon with the blow gun or the professional equipment. To work with this block, you also need a smoke generator.

The best offer for "The base of tricks"

In each block there are several open access videos. You can start your introduction to the base of tricks with them.
Our base of tricks is constantly growing and is updated monthly. You can get an access to it through the subscription. You can either subscribe for 1 month or immediately for a year. We have made the subscription for each block separately, so that you can choose the topic that is relevant to you. An annual subscription is the best offer, if you count the cost of one month.
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