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Since April 2022, we have introduced the service of compulsory insurance for parcels sent abroad. The cost of it is 7% of the goods and delivery cost. That insurance guarantees you that if the parcel is lost or damaged during the shipment, we'll send you a new product once at our own expense. We should point out that there haven´t been any such cases, but in the current unstable situation we decided to play safe and protect our customers from unforeseen situations. How it works, you can reed here You can refuse the insurance service, but in this case, our company is responsible for your parcel only until the shipment and the moment of providing you with a track number. If you still want to refuse the insurance, tick this box.
Parcel insurance
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  • Technique of working with bubbles (practice)
      • Hand bubbles
      • Tricks with medium bubbles
      • Skills of working with accessories: smoke, fire, foam, steam
      • Giant bubbles: plumes, immersion, winding
      • Work with street props
      • Work on the light table
      • Work with the steam generator.
    • Training: creating a program and holding an event
        • How to build a room for different age categories
        • Interaction with leading and sound engineers at events
        • The event in kindergarten and school
        • Wedding features
        • Job assistant and its main functions.
      • Image Creation Recommendations
            • Tips on the selection of a suit
            • How should build a music track
            • The image as a whole: makeup, hairstyle, demeanor.Marketing and promotion
          • Marketing and promotion
                • Recommendations for creating a portfolio: photos and videos
                • Interaction with holiday agencies and presenters
                • Advertising in print media
                • Outdoor advertising
                • Promotional events
                • Social networks and the Internet
                • How to plan your advertising budget.
              • Attending events (practice)
                    • Attend one or two events
                    • Analysis of the work with the audience
                    • Analysis of our work with the site staff
                    • Analysis of work with the customer
                    • Analysis of the work assistant.
                  • Analysis of the bubble market of your city
                        • The strengths and weaknesses of colleagues
                        • Pricing.