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Business package

3 000

Bubble show is a small business.
Many perceive it as an interesting kind of creative activity. But your own bubble show is a business that allows you to earn up to 100,000 rubles a month.
I have taught about 400 people to be bubble show artists. You can get some income doing the show too.
The package of the ready-made business I collected includes all the best I can give.
I will hand you a set of props
You will have the most modern equipment for doing bubble shows. The latest development is a set of metal props in a synthetic shell. Very strong, very aesthetically looking.
I will arrange your training
I, Ludmila Darina, will personally train you. Training takes place on individual basis, up to 3 people can attend simultaneously. I will teach you everything I can do myself. We will consider not only the technique of making bubbles but also the creation of a stage number, talk about your image and costume, think about what music is most suitable for you.
I'll pass on my secret to the bubble show detergent
My solution is universal. It allows you to do tricks with your hands and props, to inflate giant bubbles. It'll allows you to do outdoor shows. One detergent for all elements. It's convenient.
Creation of your artistic image
We will discuss your image, decide on what the musical accompaniment will be, arrange the development of your number.
Assistant Training
We will discuss the functions of your assistant. What should he/she do so that you always have everything in order? It is very important.
How much is the business package?
The total cost of the package is $ 3,000, taking into account the provision of translation services, excluding travel expenses and accommodation. Additional costs: accommodation, trip to Moscow, food. If necessary, I can come to where you are located. The conditions are negotiated individually.
What is the duration of training?
For training, you'll need 3 full days of classes. The duration of the training depends on the time of your arrival and departure. If you arrive at lunchtime, you will have to stay one more day. Sightseeing and walks around the city are not included. For this, you will need to schedule additional time. Total duration is 4-5 days.
Where does the training take place?
In Moscow oblast, Noginsk district, Novaya Kupavna. The business package training most often takes place there. You buy the tickets yourself, you pay for the accommodation yourself. This can be a hostel, a hotel or an apartment – your choice. I provide the place for classes.

Or it can take place in your city or town.In this case, you pay for my trip, accommodation and training venue.
What can be learned right now?
You can start reading my bubble show blog right now. In it you will find a lot of information not only about creating a show in a technical sense, but also marketing materials.
My Students
Guzel Gallyamova
Guzel studied at the end of February, 2016. And now she is at the start of her career. She is the first Omsk student who received in a full-fledged photo shoot and video.

She is a very talented and interesting girl. And I'm sure we'll hear more about her. Good luck to you!
Katya Kozyreva
Myski, Novokuznetsk
Initially, in 2013, Katya acquired the franchise package, which had been developed by me. Later, in November of 2014, we met in person. Katya came for advanced training and for new tricks.

We spent several busy days and are now constantly in touch. Katia is a very efficient, interesting and inquisitive girl. She is constantly looking for something new, always evolving. Good luck, dear, in all your endeavors! Come to visit me!
Katya Gromova
Katyusha studied in November. I often visit her webpage in the social network and enjoy her beautiful and emotional photos. She is a very active, full of life and truly soulful girl.