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What is the prop made of?
The froth racket 30 cm consists of a metal frame and working part made of the bead type rope according to the patented technology. The diameter of the circle is 30 cm, the length of the handle is 60 cm. The handle is grooved and rubberised.
What is this prop for?
The main function of this racket is to make a froth trail. The froth turns out to be coarse-meshed and quite light. It contributes to a more accurate work without making puddles on the floor. This prop is not the basic one. People buy it and use it not very often. But this racket will definitely add bright notes to the bubble show scenario.
How to use it?
This prop can be used in pairs, with the racket in each hand, especially if there is a need to perform at big stages. The froth racket is indispensable when you work outside, even in the windiest weather. It will also help you out, even if you don't have the best soap solution.
About new technology for making rackets
The rackets are made of steel and have a handle made of two metal rods, which allows the handle to bend less under load. Using two rods instead of one made it possible to change the shape of the handle. The handle has become wider, the racket fits comfortably in your hand, which allows you to hold the racket better, even with wet hands. Because of this shape, the racket spins less in the hand.

In addition, the handle has a textile coating, that is why now the handle slides less in the hand. It's not a secret that the artists of the soap bubble show nearly always have wet hands. When you take the racket in your hand, excess moisture is absorbed into the textile, which reduces the sliding of the racket in your hand, even if your hands are wet.

Nevertheless, the main advantage of our rackets is the "bead coating" on the absorbent part of the rackets. The new technology allows rackets to absorb two times more solution, which gives the following results:

The number of bubble blowouts per one racket dipping into soap solution increased by 2-3 times.

The length of the bubble stretched from the racket (trail) increased by 2 times.

The holding time of the bubble hung up on the racket increased by 1.5 times (which allows you to blow in more bubbles).

We officially patented the new racket coating at The Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property in June 2020.

About our patent
We wanted to improve the technology of making rackets to improve the outlook, increase the absorbency and eliminate the spinning of the handle in the hand while working with large rackets. We also found out that the design of painted rackets is outdated and requires improvements.

When we tested the new "Arista" concentrate, we did many tests. During testing the soap solution we included in the tests different materials and methods of applying them on the racket. Based on the results of long-term testing, we came up with a new technology of an absorbent layer for soap bubble show rackets, which we decided to patent.

Patenting is a long process. During the first wave of lockdown, we discussed the patent text with lawyers for about 2 months, thought over each word, because the text is not subject to editing after submission to the registration authority. There is always a risk that the patent will not even be accepted for consideration. We submitted the patent text in June 2020 and after initial review, we were told to wait about a year for final confirmation, but 3 months later in September 2020, we recieved the news that our patent was approved. Then it took another 1.5 months to get the document This is our first experience of patenting and we are very happy that it was successful one. There is a statement at the end of the document that the validity period expires on June 19, 2030. And this is not a big deal, by that time we will have invented something else.

120 g
Ring diameter
30 cm
Frame material
Stainless steel
The size of the handle
60 cm
Winding material
Bead coating